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Daddy, this is it. Being-with My Dying Dad

by Julie Saeger Nierenberg

My father lived an inspiring End of Life, a journey of courage, sorrow, wonder and assurances of Eternal Love. And before he passed, he encouraged me to share the story of his transition with you.
 Although death is an inevitable part of life, how we choose to be-with the dying and the bereaved is up to us. I encourage you to prepare and to embrace the possibility of a lovingly supported transition. Being ready to be-with is a wonderful way to live. Read our story . . .

The Future Vision Map

by Julie Nierenberg and Gary Evans

Designed as a step-by-step system, the Future Vision Map has all the materials you need to build and attract your ideal life. It will assist you to put into practice the same tools that many successful businessmen and women, sports figures and celebrities use to achieve their dreams and goals. It is a proven and practical method to bring you the pleasure of a life lived as you wish it to be. Whether your goals are destinations of accomplishment, of contentment or of physical locations, the Future Vision Map will guide you to their creation. Design your map . . . 

Sowing My Quaker Oats

by Armin Saeger Jr., Jane Zanol (editor) and Julie Saeger Nierenberg (illustrator)

Insightful and heartwarming true stories from a twentieth-century life fill these pages. These real-life snapshots take us from early childhood through WW II experiences as a Conscientious Objector, then into the author’s professional life as a social worker and psychotherapist. Experience with him the pains and joys of life, and step into history rarely heard: the Dust Bowl, the Great Depression, human guinea pig experiments, the Civil Rights Movement, Native American issues in the 1960s, and individual and group mental health approaches. Enjoy the book . . . 

Purpose and Passion: Choosing Life

by CreateWriteJulie

Imagine Life a Child: Be Your Dream Self

As a child I wanted to be many things--a wild stallion, a ballerina, a firefighter, Cher's strawberry blonde twin and even an astronaut. The most persistent Dream Self of my future was to be the Julie Cousteau of my generation, exploring the seas of the world, conducting worthy studies on undersea environments and communicating with marine mammals. Read more . . . 

Explore Your Dreams: "What Do I Want?"

As very young children we believe most anything is possible. We make no distinction between fantasy and reality, safe and unsafe, mine and yours, good and bad, helpful and unhelpful, possible and impossible. Our minds and bodies blissfully wander as we freely explore, innately capable of vastly original scientific experiments based on a prevailing mindset: What would happen if . . . ? Read more . . . 

Detail Your Dreams Inside and Out

Whether you are age 2 or 102, you have the ability to create vast dreamscapes in your mind and to imbue these fantastical creations with tremendous life. How do you begin to give life to your dreams? It's simple: you fill them with vivid details and exciting specifics, choosing from limitless possibilities. You 'try on' all the possible futures of your dreams and 'feel the fit' of the imagined outcomes. You begin to live within those dreams and to test them. Read more...

Pursue to Paradise:
How to live your working years as if you're retired and free

by Mary Ann Marlow 

edited by Julie Saeger Nierenberg

Pursue to Paradise is a memoir, biography of a single Canadian woman with a son, journeying through Costa Rica with a full bag of talents that sustained her to reach her full potential as a human being. Buy this book . . .